Port series

In Port Series (2012) I was interested in exploring how far I could see into the distant horizon, based on my height above sea level. I wanted to layer this experiment in distance and vision with New Zealand’s nautical territorial boundaries. Using a combination of mathematic formulae, elevation and proximity to city port sites, the work became an exploration of both visual perception and state territory.

List of works

Wellington (Port Series 1: Base Points)
12nmi/Wellington (Port Series 2: Territorial Sea)
24nmi/Wellington (Port Series 3: Contiguous Zone)
Lyttelton (Port Series 1: Base Points)
12nmi/Lyttelton (Port Series 2: Territorial Sea)
24nmi/Lyttelton (Port Series 3: Contiguous Zone)

All works 2012. Archival inkjet prints, 640 x 400 mm, edition of three